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Joshua Alderson was just two years old and having up to 40 seizures a day. His parents, Lisa and Timothy Alderson, tirelessly struggled to get the right diagnosis for their son's condition. After taking their son for an MRI at a local hospital, they were told that the MRI scan was normal. The seizures continued, so the Alderson's refused to give up the fight to help their son. "I wasn't going to take 'normal' for an answer," says Lisa Alderson. "My son's future and quality of life were in danger!" Fortunately, she just happened to watch a Dateline News program featuring a child who had the same exact symptoms of seizures with laughing fits that Josh was experiencing. "After watching that TV show, I just felt sure that my son had the same rare brain tumor (Hypothalamic Hamartoma) as the child being featured. We just could not give up. We learned that the condition is progressive, meaning his symptoms would continue to worsen and become irreversible. We could not let that happen!" she says. The Alderson's had heard about the diagnostic expertise and the cutting edge 3T technology at Neuro Imaging Winter Park and insisted Josh have his brain imaged there.

His parent's love and perseverance certainly paid off! The little boy's future was saved. Exactly two weeks after Josh's first MRI, they took their son to Neuro Imaging Winter Park where nationally renowned neuroradiologist, Dr. Marc Shapiro used the world's most advanced and accurate 3T MRI technology to reveal - in amazing detail - the tiny benign brain tumor exactly as Mrs. Alderson had suspected. It certainly would have doomed two-year-old Josh to a life limited by seizures and cognitive impairment. Josh was immediately scheduled for surgery and the tumor was successfully removed. Now, five years old, Josh is totally seizure free, developing normally and thriving as a happy, healthy child.

The Alderson's say, "Had it not been for Dr. Shapiro and the superior MRI technology at Neuro Imaging Winter Park, our son definitely would have been severely declining in all aspects of life. Along with the multiple seizures, loss of cognition and behavioral deficits, this rare tumor almost always leads to a complete loss in quality of life. Thankfully, as parents we demanded the highest quality MRI available for our child. Without a correct diagnosis, we would never have had the opportunity to have Josh's tumor removed and as he grew it is very likely that he would have had to be institutionalized. We are forever grateful to Dr. Shiparo and Neuro Imaging Winter Park for giving our little boy back to us."

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